My name is Nadia Janjua, and I am an Architect, Visual Artist and Art Educator residing in Maryland. I was born and raised in the tranquil, quiet mountains of Western Maryland with my three siblings. My parents are originally from Pakistan & Kashmir, and throughout my life, I have enjoyed a generous bit of traveling to other parts of the world which has brought a deep appreciation for culture, religion, history, and of course, art! I have always loved drawing since the tender age of three, but one fortuitous evening when I was 16 years old, I came across the “Bob Ross” show on PBS — and after that, my life was forever changed! Picking up a paint brush, I felt connected to my voice in a way I had never experienced. I had discovered a way to express and articulate my life’s experiences through colors. I truly believe that within every color lays a story and an experience waiting to be unraveled. This, precisely, is what my art work is all about. I am deeply inspired by my spiritual and emotional connection to my faith, and it is the search for insight and understanding that has led to an infinite source of inspiration for my creative works.
In 2011, I decided to take a hiatus from practicing architecture and started "Nadia J Art" to pursue my dreams of making, living, breathing and sharing my art professionally on a full-time basis.


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